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Hey there! I’m Emily, the writer of this lifestyle blog. I’m so happy that you’re here! Blogging has been a dream of mine since about 2011, and I’m finally taking the leap to write and share about being a mother, beauty, fashion, food, positivity and all of the things that I love.


This is me with my lovely family. I have a son named Harvey (born in April 2016) and a daughter named Amelia (born in February 2018). Their father, Jacob, is my husband and we were married in October of 2012. We live in a one street light farming town in west-central Pennsylvania. I am a former elementary reading specialist and now stay home with Harvey and Amelia full time and do a few side hustles to supplement our income.

I am a lover of all things artsy, crafty, and homemade. That includes baking and cooking, however I have zero talent for making my confections look gorgeous. I am a lover of all things organized (even if my home doesn’t often reflect this), it is a big stress reliever for me.

I’m a small town, baby wearing, casual styled, beauty lovin’, baby food making, coffee loving, striving to be her best momma. I hope you’ll enjoy what I have to share with you, and that you will interact with me. I’m doing this mom life right there with the best of ’em and I’d love it if you’d join me.


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  1. I love your introduction. Your family has such a fresh, wholesome, healthy look – just what I would expect of the masterful Emily Russell!

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